Conscious Choices -Decoding Food Labels- (ebook) available 8-8

Conscious Choices -Decoding Food Labels- (ebook) available 8-8

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Nutrition labels are supposed to inform and educate the consumer but they are everchanging leaving the consumer in the dark and subjected to the tactics of the large and powerful food industry. Food labels are crafted with health claims and other misleading outdated and ill advised information that are leading consumers into dietary related health issues. Understanding nutrition labeling will give you the foundation you need to make healthier dietary choices without falling victim to health claims and misleading information.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • How  to understand food labels
  • How to decipher ingredients
  • What are portion sizes and daily values
  • Nutrition and Processed foods
  • Whole foods vs processed foods
  • All natural doesn't mean healthy or organic.
  • and much more

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