What happens if you don't cleanse your colon?

One of the great robbers of good health is toxicity in the body. Counterbalancing toxicity is done through cleansing and detoxifying. This is critical to good health! The challenge is finding a comprehensive cleansing program achieving full-spectrum cleansing that is also realistic and simple to accomplish. According to Hippocrates (the father of medicine), "all disease  begins in the gut" which is very understandable because how does the majority of things enter our body; through the mouth. The Standard American Diet consists of  process foods that are filled with fats oils and sugars that causes our body to slowly break down. This S.A.D diet  is the primary cause (along with poor lifestyle choices) behind the chronic diseases that we are facing in America. This is why it is important to understand why its necessary to cleanse your body especially if you are consuming meat eggs and dairy products along with processed foods. The body does an amazing job cleaning and repairing itself but eventually it will wear down. It simply wont be apple to keep up with eliminating the toxins that we are giving it. All of our organs have different functions, some of them have more than one. The colons main function is to release the food that we consume (which turns into stool after all the nutrients are absorbed by the body) out of the body along with any other by products that the body has deemed useless. When the colon becomes compacted we can experience issues such as weight gain, fatigue, bad breath, constipation, sexual dysfunction, skin problems along with many other issues and that's just the beginning. If the body isn't able to release this stool from the colon, the colon will turn into a toxic filtration system similar to a clogged  sewage pipe. the toxins that are building up in the colon will be absorbed back into the bloodstream turning your body into a waste canal. After time this build up will lead to abdominal pain, rapid heart rate ,painful bowel movements and even cancer. A colon detox is a simple way to help cleanse  the colon by helping the walls of the colon contract and gently release any fecal matter that may have became dehydrated in the colon causing it to become compacted. The A Wellthy Mindset Colon and Parasite Cleanse is a gentle cleanse that you can complete without the fear of having to be glued to a restroom or worst pooping your pants. The process allows for your body to absorb the natural cleansing herbs and gradually increasing the amount of stool you will release during a normal bowel movement. These gentle contractions will shake free and fecal matter along with any parasite that could be present in the colon. After completing this 2 week process you will notice an overall difference in your body beginning with your gut. Most people see an improvement in digestion along with weight loss. Its a fact that most people healthy or not carry between 6-20lbs of waste in their colon at any given time and this compaction is the beginning stage of long-term health issues.  Do yourself body a favor a release that waste with a colon cleanse.

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