The Turmeric Tonic Remedy



I remember waking up some morning with my body aching and full of congestion from the wild night drinking before. My sinuses where all out of whack and I spent the first few minutes just siting on the edge of the bed trying to piece myself together. My energy levels were  down mainly because of a poor diet along with poor lifestyle choices that came along with being a part of the Miami nightlife scene. While researching and looking for a cure for my hangover I found a recipe for a  energy booster that contained a few natural ingredients I carried in my restaurants walk-in cooler. Upon arriving at work I took the time to recreate the recipe and add in a few extra ingredients to give it a kick while also making it more of a morning drink and behold my turmeric tonic was born.

   Packed with tons of antioxidants vitamins and minerals, this anti-inflammatory drink was the perfect jump starter for the day. At the point where i felt that my body needed a break, this beverage gave me life. I felt the unhealthy choices made the night before all get erased through the consumption of my newly discovered immune boosting formula. I can feel the ginger and turmeric making its way through my body as if it had been poured directly into my blood stream. I can feel the increase in circulation as my body warmed up from the cayenne pepper that danced on my taste buds. This sensation would continue for the next few minutes while I encouraged my prep cook to have a shot with me. He too will experience the surge of this immune boosting formula. We were wired to began our day. Who would've thought that a hand crafted root tonic with all natural ingredients would have such an effect on my day to where it has become a part of my life. This natural drink is part of my  inspiration  to make lifestyle changes in pursuit of wellness. I could only imagine how my body would feel if i wasn't packing it with sugar and alcohol daily. The components of this turmeric tonic helps to increase circulation in the body allowing for  oxygen and minerals that are in the blood to be transported to vital organs such as the lungs, liver and kidneys. With the increase in oxygen and minerals to the organs it allows them to function at a higher rate which in turn helps the body to respond faster and filter out any toxins that are present in the body. This explains the sensation that is felt after consumption and why when someone takes the tonic when they feel a cold or the flu starting to set in, they are relieved of the congestion fever or chills that is caused by the virus. This immune boosting tonic is a must have in every household. It can be used for day to day consumption for preventative measures, cold or flu relief and for an energy booster for those who need that added push throughout the day. This is a old time home remedy that has been forgotten and needs to be brought back. Get rid of your Thera-flu and Vitamin C and replace it with this TURMERIC TONIC.

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